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We love to hear from our Baby’s First families.  You can reach out to us by writing or email.  We may not get to address or answer all of your notes, but please do know that we take them all to heart.  

If you’re facing a challenge we haven’t met, send us your dilemma, and we’ll add it to our list of things to tackle as we continue to design the line in ways we hope will help support happy babies. But please understand, while we’d love to hear how our products work for you and your babies, we are not, requesting ideas, names, creative descriptions or designs for any Baby’s First products. And our lawyers keep us from examining unsolicited work with a rigid process that eliminates the possibility of review. So please do not send us materials, ideas or creative work of any kind. 

Do let us know how our solutions are working for you, and share your thoughts and ideas with other parents and grandparents of babies and toddlers in the spirit of helping one another through those challenging first years of a baby’s life.  What could be a greater gift. 

Wishing you all the happiest of days.

The Baby's First Team

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