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Thoughtful Solutions for Happy Babies

Baby’s First was born into one of America’s oldest doll companies. Goldberger Dolls has delighted children and their parents with dolls that have been treasured for more than a hundred years. And while we celebrate that history, our aim is more specific and intentional. At Baby’s First, we design dolls that help parents solve some of the challenges their babies and very young children (from newborn to pre-school) face in growing, changing and learning. And we do so without losing a bit of the delight our history suggests.

Created around experts’ information about what babies see in terms of color, pattern and facial recognition, we are especially interested in supporting what they need in direction, repetition or emotional connection. Our dolls might allow more thoughtful solutions around your children’s needs.

We’re here to help; from sleep habits and language, to dressing, manners, and toilet training, and the all-important nature of empathy, nurturing, and learning what’s right and wrong in caring for and about others. We aim to give parents tools for directive play that might allow easier, sweeter, and less stressful paths to success.

We hope to grow this line to feature all manner of products designed to meet the challenges of babies and young children. In the meantime, we send our best wishes to you for the happiest babies, the healthiest homes, and we thank you for the chance to let us help you make those wishes come true. 

If you’re interested in learning about our therapy dolls please visit

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